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Collagen Drink Supplementation - new links now available on our site

Avesta Collagen Benefits Of Drinking Collagen Collagen Drink Collagen Supplements Collagen Website Links

I've added a few new links to our Avesta Collagen links page. Please check them out as there's quite a bit of interesting and powerful information that I've recently collated from various sites and sources. Obviously, we believe strongly that we have the best collagen drink supplement on the market, but it is great to see independent information and documentation out there regarding this fascinating topic. 15 years ago when Avesta Collagen first came on to the market hardly anyone was talking about collagen drinks. Now it seems to be the new buzz word around the internet and celeb blogs,...

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Successful Launch of the Brand New Avesta Collagen Website

Avesta Collagen Collagen Drink Collagen Website Website Launch

This week saw our brand new Avesta Collagen website go "live". Thank you for all the positive feedback so far. We are so pleased you like the new site as much as we do and have found it an improvement from the previous design. We appreciate your patience during the changeover timeout period. Things always seem to take a little longer than expected. Please check out all the new information available through the various pages that have now been added. Until next time, Martin

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