The Only Super High Strength Collagen Drink containing NINETEEN Vitamins and Minerals
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How to Use, Prepare and Store your Avesta Collagen Drink Supplement

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Before breaking the seal shake the tub well; this initial time will be more than sufficient. When you first open your new tub of Avesta collagen drink mix, use a folk to gently probe around in the powder to retrieve the enclosed 25ml measuring scoop. Ensure the scoop remains bone dry at all times!

Important Note: We have increased the size of the enclosed measuring scoop from 15ml to 25ml. You will now find that a correct 13gram daily serving of Avesta is a full level scoop. Then add 100ml (approx half a glass) of water on top and stir or shake vigorously. Allow a minute to stand and dissolve fully before drinking. Can instead be mixed with fruit juice, if preferred.

Drink Avesta Collagen once a day, every day; and ensure you never miss out days if you want to achieve the optimal results and benefits! The reason for this is Avesta needs to build up the collagen levels in your system... missing days out has a negative effect on that process happening properly.

Preferably drink Avesta with a snack or “light” meal, although this is not absolutely essential so long as you don’t forget to drink it at some point during every 24 hour period! It does not necessarily need to be the same time each day; any time of the day or night is perfectly fine

Store Avesta in a cool, dry place; well away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. ALWAYS ensure the airtight lid is fully pressed down after each daily use. This is critical to preserve the potency of certain vitamins.

For best results: Commit to drinking Avesta once a day every day for a MINIMUM of 60 to 90 days before making any judgement on the benefits you've gained. Why? Avesta is not a magic overnight potion or a cure for any given condition. It is a potent, 100% natural food supplement that takes time to build up in your system. Natural Collagen production begins to decline rapidly in the human body from the age of 30 onwards. Therefore, depending on your age and condition, Avesta will take time to "top up" your naturally present collagen levels. Please try to be patient during the first couple of months to allow that process to take place completely.

Please be aware: If you have a period where you stop drinking Avesta; within approximately 3 to 5 weeks of discontinuation your collagen levels will inevitably drop back down to whatever your levels happened to be prior to using Avesta. Unfortunately this means you will also notice any previous ailments starting to reappear. Please remember it will take the same amount of time once you restart your daily Avesta routine for your collagen levels to top up and peak once again.

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