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Collagen Type I, Type II and Type III... What are the differences?

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The human body requires 3 different types of collagen, type I, II and III. Lets look at each type individually and find out the roles of each one.

All 3 types of collagen are equally as important. They all have very different roles but are just as essential as each other.

Type I collagen has more strength than steel, on an equal mass basis. It makes up the majority of the protein found in tendons and ligaments. Most people are surprised to find out it is also an absolutely essential component of the bones and teeth.

Type II collagen is used to form cartilage in all the joints, a substance without which a joint could not possibly function. Cartilage is said to be 10 times more slippery than ice! Type II collagen is also a key element that forms the fluid inside the eyeballs.

Type III collagen has its key roles in the make up of the skin and muscles, including the heart. You may be amazed to learn that it would be impossible to have blood vessels without type III collagen.

The Avesta Collagen drink is a highly potent natural food protein supplement containing 77% hydrolysed collagen. The amino acid peptides are the basic building blocks of protein in the tiniest form and are required to form ALL 3 types of collagen.

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