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Collagen Type I, Type II and Type III... What are the differences?

Amino Acids Collagen Drink Hydrolysed Collagen Joint Care Skin Care Type I Collagen Type II Collagen Type III Collagen

The human body requires 3 different types of collagen, type I, II and III. Lets look at each type individually and find out the roles of each one. All 3 types of collagen are equally as important. They all have very different roles but are just as essential as each other. Type I collagen has more strength than steel, on an equal mass basis. It makes up the majority of the protein found in tendons and ligaments. Most people are surprised to find out it is also an absolutely essential component of the bones and teeth. Type II collagen is...

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Amino Acids... What are they; and does the Avesta Collagen Drink contain them?

Amino Acid Arginine Avesta Collagen Benefits Of Drinking Collagen Collagen Drink Collagen Hydrolysate Collagen Supplements Hydrolysed Collagen Injury Recovery Lysine Methionine Skin Care Threonine

Amino Acids are the tiny chain molecules that make up protein, in essence they are the absolute basic building blocks of protein. Some can be made by the body itself and others must be consumed and can only be extracted from the diet. As many as 200+ different amino acids have been identified, however the number critical to the human body is 20. Interestingly, 9 of those 20 are essential amino acids, meaning the body cannot produce them itself. The Avesta collagen drink contains 18 out of those 20 most important Amino Acids... including an amazing 8 out of the...

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So... Exactly What Is Hydrolysed Collagen?

Amino Acids Avesta Collagen Collagen Drink Collagen Hydrolysate Collagen Hydrolysis Collagen Supplements Hydrolysed Collagen

Hydrolysed Collagen is collagen derived from animal bones, skin and cartilage. More specifically the Avesta Collagen drink is porcine; in other words, derived from pig. The reason we use pig collagen is because they are a genetically closer match to humans than bovine or marine animals. The process of producing Hydrolysed Collagen from the original collagen source is called hydrolysis, which is a specialised and guarded process that can take many weeks or even months to complete. The process of hydrolysis involves acids, heat and the use of enzymes to break down individual molecular bonds between strands of collagen. The...

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How to Use, Prepare and Store your Avesta Collagen Drink Supplement

Avesta Collagen Storage Avesta Instructions and Directions Avesta Serving Information Benefits Of Drinking Collagen Collagen Drink Collagen Supplements Recommended Usage For Avesta Drink Mix Restful Sleep

Before breaking the seal shake the tub well; this initial time will be more than sufficient. When you first open your new tub of Avesta collagen drink mix, use a folk to gently probe around in the powder to retrieve the enclosed 25ml measuring scoop. Ensure the scoop remains bone dry at all times! Important Note: We have increased the size of the enclosed measuring scoop from 15ml to 25ml. You will now find that a correct 13gram daily serving of Avesta is a full level scoop. Then add 100ml (approx half a glass) of water on top and stir...

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Collagen Drink Supplementation - new links now available on our site

Avesta Collagen Benefits Of Drinking Collagen Collagen Drink Collagen Supplements Collagen Website Links

I've added a few new links to our Avesta Collagen links page. Please check them out as there's quite a bit of interesting and powerful information that I've recently collated from various sites and sources. Obviously, we believe strongly that we have the best collagen drink supplement on the market, but it is great to see independent information and documentation out there regarding this fascinating topic. 15 years ago when Avesta Collagen first came on to the market hardly anyone was talking about collagen drinks. Now it seems to be the new buzz word around the internet and celeb blogs,...

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