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FAQs - Collagen Drink Supplementation

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that is absolutely essential and required throughout the body. In fact, 20% of the entire mass of a human body is COLLAGEN... this equates to one third of our total body protein. Collagen is the vital substance in the makeup of all Bones, Muscles, Joints, Eyes, Blood and Blood Vessels, internal organs including the Heart, Lungs, Kidneys and Liver, Digestive Tract, Prostate, Teeth, Gums, Hair, Skin and Nails.

The word Collagen is derived from two Greek words "Kolla" meaning Glue and "Gennao" meaning Producer. Collagen produces the glue that literally holds the body's Skin and Joints together.


Why should I consider taking a collagen drink on a permanent daily basis?

Collagen Age Depletion

Once we reach our 30’s the body’s natural ability to produce collagen dramatically reduces. This fall in production is permanent and continuous and can be as much as 2% year on year. Collagen ingestion (supplementation) is the most practical and effective 'natural' solution known to counteract the ailments and effects brought on by low levels of collagen resulting from this natural aging process.

From a nutrition standpoint; Hydrolysed Collagen contains 18 of the 20 most important amino acids and even more importantly 8 of the 9 essential amino acids. Essential means they cannot be produced internally by the human body and can only be obtained externally from certain food sources.


When my body produces and contains low collagen; how will that affect me?

There are many ways you will notice the effects of low collagen in your body. The Skin is the largest organ and consists of 75% Collagen; hence, no real mystery why it starts to lose its firmness and structure, leading to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin will appear more aged as it loses its elasticity, tone and that youthful vitality.

Bone consists of 30% Collagen. Low production is one of the things that could have a long term negative impact on bone density (Osteoporosis). All Muscles, including the Heart are made from 30% Collagen. Blood Vessels, as with the Eyes, are over 70% Collagen.

Collagen is also one of the most important elements in the maintenance of cartilage within the joints along with the soft connective tissues; i.e. ligaments and tendons. Cartilage is ten times more slippery than ice, it’s the smooth, spongy layer of tissue that protects and prevents the ends of each bone from making bone to bone contact.

Without cartilage the wear and tear process would speed up dramatically, causing inflammation, pain, and stiffness in every joint. The medical term for this disease is Osteoarthritis and the most commonly affected joints are the hips, knees, spine, neck, fingers and wrists; however almost any joint can suffer.


Who is most prone to developing the condition of Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of Arthritis. Unfortunately most people are likely to develop this disease at some level from around the age of 40 onwards. In the UK alone there are now 8.6 million suffers. In its mildest form people accept it as wear and tear or aches, pains and stiffness brought on by age. In the worst cases it is an extremely painful and debilitating disease. There is an increased risk of the disease developing in a bone or joint that has suffered a previous trauma. i.e. a sports injury or fracture, etc.


Can I increase collagen in my body just by altering my diet alone?

Yes and No... Certain foods such as oily fish containing omega 3 fatty acids, turkey, red meats and green leafy vegetables can help to slow down the speed at which we lose our collagen production capabilities. Unfortunately, as we start to get older a healthy diet alone will not boost our collagen significantly enough to make a beneficial difference.

Ideally we need to ingest 10,000mg (10g) of Hydrolysed Collagen per day in order to enjoy the various benefits that fully stocked reserves can deliver. The best known practical and effective approach is to use a high-strength natural food supplement health drink, such as “Avesta Hydrolysed Collagen”.


Why should I choose the Avesta product over one of the others on the market?

• Avesta Collagen is a high quality British product manufactured in the UK. Avesta is one of the leading trusted brands in Hydrolysed Collagen and has been established in the market for over 15 years. It was formulated by a Professor of Rheumatology whose life’s work and expertise lay in Hydrolysed Collagen supplementation along with a biochemist who’d previously worked with some of Britain’s Olympic athletes.

The Avesta collagen drink is a high-strength premium product containing 10,000mg (10g) of Hydrolysed Collagen in each 39 calorie daily serving, making it one of the strongest and most concentrated collagen supplements on the market. Hydrolysed Collagen is made using a highly specialised and guarded process to create tiny peptides which are the amino acids of collagen in their smallest and most bio-available form. As such these peptides are unaffected by stomach acids allowing them to be totally absorbed and fully utilised by the body.

In addition, Avesta contains 19 carefully chosen vitamins and minerals; the unique blend is absolutely critical as the balance must be very specific to ensure collagen remains fully bio-available when taken in these highly concentrated single hits. Avesta comes in a dried powder form, when mixed with a "small" amount of water it produces a pleasant tasting orange flavoured drink. Each tub contains a 30 day supply. The cost works out at a mere £1 a day when following the recommended usage.


What are the key benefits I might enjoy by drinking Avesta Collagen on a daily basis?

• Of course everyone is different and the various benefits an individual might enjoy will be subjective. Here are just a handful of the most commonly reported key benefits experienced by various Avesta users after only 60 days of recommended daily usage:

  • Joint pain significantly reduced or eradicated
  • Joint stiffness alleviated or banished
  • Rejuvenated younger looking skin; less wrinkles and more hydrated
  • Increased energy levels
  • Faster healing times from soft tissue damage, e.g. sports injuries, etc
  • Faster recovery times from intensive workouts, e.g. body building, cycling, etc
  • Improved hair condition; thicker, better growth and texture
  • Stronger, smoother, fast growing nails
  • Constipation abated; aids regular bowel movements
  • Much improved sleep


How long do I need to use Avesta Collagen before I start to enjoy the various benefits?

Avesta Collagen starts to work immediately from the first day you drink it; many customers begin to notice some of the benefits breaking through before the end of their first month’s supply. However, it does of course take time for collagen to build up properly within your body; therefore, realistically it usually takes anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks of “uninterrupted” daily ingestion before the full effects and benefits can be best judged and truly appreciated.


Are the benefits permanent... what happens if I stop drinking Avesta?

It is important to understand that Avesta is not a medicine or a cure for any given condition or disease! It is however a powerful, potent and effective natural food supplement. The effects and benefits are achieved by significantly increasing the supply of collagen in the body. Therefore, 3 to 6 weeks after any discontinuation of Avesta will mean that collagen levels will naturally fall again; returning to the equivalent levels that were present prior to using Avesta Hydrolysed Collagen. Unfortunately, this means you will also start to notice any previous ailments slowly but surely reappearing.


Why does my urine sometimes turn a brighter colour on the next visit after drinking Avesta?

Not everyone finds this and for those that do, it is nothing at all to be concerned about. The colour change in some people’s urine is not actually caused by the Hydrolysed Collagen. It is a result of ingesting the B2 Vitamin (Riboflavin) that has been added to Avesta. In some people, taking a Vitamin B2 supplement can cause their urine to become a brighter colour on their next visit; this is a 100% totally harmless after effect.


    Is Avesta Hydrolysed Collagen only meant for people currently experiencing skin issues, fine lines and wrinkles or stiff and painful joints?

    NO.. absolutely not! Avesta Collagen is a premium quality 'protein dense' food and vitamin supplement that will help to maintain an all-round healthy active lifestyle. Prevention is always the best policy. Maintaining high levels of collagen in your body long before your natural production begins to decline can only have a positive impact on your future years.

    Today is always the best day to start investing in your health!


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