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Successful Launch of the Brand New Avesta Collagen Website

Avesta Collagen Collagen Drink Collagen Website Website Launch

This week saw our brand new Avesta Collagen website go "live". Thank you for all the positive feedback so far. We are so pleased you like the new site as much as we do and have found it an improvement from the previous design. We appreciate your patience during the changeover timeout period. Things always seem to take a little longer than expected. Please check out all the new information available through the various pages that have now been added. Until next time, Martin

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Change of Ownership for Avesta Collagen

6th August 2015 Avesta Collagen Avesta Ltd Brian Peet Change of Ownership Collagen Drink Retirement

Hello, I'd like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Martin Wild, I live with my family in Manchester England and I'm the proud new owner of Avesta Ltd and Avesta Collagen. I have taken the business over from Brian Peet who I've personally known for over 20 years. This all happened on 6th August 2015 after Brian had decided he wanted to retire and do some more traveling with his lovely wife Sandra. Brian has done a fantastic job with Avesta, since he brought this unique and powerful product to the marketplace 15 years ago. However, I'm...

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